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Going Dog-gone Crazy!

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Totally Married Podcast


Elizabeth and Andy discuss the heroism of law enforcement, why Elon Musk might be slightly overrated in Elizabeth’s opinion, and Andy’s new awesome studio before giving their unqualified advice to a bunch of dog questions – how to navigate neighbors’ whose kids won’t leave your dog alone, what to do about spotting a dog locked in a car, and how to train a beagle to stop sniffing every person who passes. PLUS questions about getting a friend to stop coming to you with relationship crisis’, how to support a partner who is falling into a dark depression, and how to be a great gift-giver like Andy? Enjoy!


Lily says:

2 things:
1. Andy, I have the same problem with automatic faucets and hand dryers! I often wonder if I exist. I can offer no clarity on the issue, but am with you in solidarity.
2. For the last writer-inner, I agree with Elizabeth that you should look into redoing your fencing to make it harder for these kids to climb on them and hassle the dogs. But, I think you should take this a few steps further to protect yourself. I’d look at your insurance policy to see if your homeowners insurance says anything about your dogs. I’d write an email (or at the very least a text) to each neighbor/parent every time an incident happens with their kids and your dogs, so you have a record in writing of what is going on. And, I’d consult a lawyer. I’d hate for you to be sued over this. It seems like the neighbors are well-meaning, but have little-to-no control over their kids in the backyard, and this could really become a problem. You should protect yourself!

Erika says:

Aaahhh Elizabeth! You’re giving Elon Musk way too little credit for the things he’s accomplished and is going to accomplish. He doesn’t just have another car company. If you’re going to compare him to an automaker, the only valid comparison might be Henry Ford. I don’t even know that much about it all, but Tesla’s innovations in electric motor and battery technology are truly changing the game. Musk’s whole vision is to help transition the world to sustainable energy. Right now the technology expensive and accessibility & convenience is low which is why only rich people drive Tesla, but the goal is to make it more affordable for everyone. They even allow their technology patents to be used by anyone in order to encourage other auto manufacturers to embrace the electric car.

I won’t get into his involvement with solar power and space exploration, but I really think you should read up on him and what he’s doing to benefit the future of our species and planet 🙂 He’s a gift to this world and this country, especially when on the flip side there’s that fucking guy President Trump.

Also, I know you like docs so these are some informative documentaries featuring Elon Musk and his contributions: Before the Flood, Pump, Racing Extinction… go to his IMDB for more!

Andrea says:

So, my husband’s on a big “we’re all living in a simulation” kick. He’s not 100% sure about it (because mostly he’s an atheist), but he’s made some compelling arguments. I’ve never been religious but the idea that my life was created to study weather patterns or some shit was so depressing. It used to really bum me out, but now I’m kind of like “what difference does it make?” I wonder what other people feel about it? Do you think it would be harder if I had been religious to accept it? I mean, it’s literally substituting one deity for another in my mind.

I don’t know about glitches in the system, though. It does sound like Andy might not be real. But I don’t know what it means that I hear him once a week on a podcast then . . .

Peggy says:

Regarding the dogs & kids climbing the fences, I would try to make sure you can get the situation in writing (so send the neighbor mom an email or facebook message addressing the situation & save copies). That way, god forbid, something does happen you have proof that you talked to the parents & children and made every effort to keep them safe. Just in case!

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