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Elizabeth’s Secret Facial!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 290

Elizabeth and Andy discuss a recent revelation they had both about her secrets and also her SECRET TO GREAT SKIN! (or maybe not) Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about how to be there for a struggling friends’ kids, how to manage the micro frustrations of marriage and parenthood without making them macro, what to do about gifts from in laws that feel extremely loaded, how to adopt the right dog for a rambunctious family, and how to potentially forge a romantic path with someone who has been an important friend? Enjoy!


Libby says:

To the Writer Inner whose father in law gives her gifts–what if you returned his gifts and then donated the money to a cause that you love (and maybe he wouldn’t love so much)? I feel like if it were me, I’d get some petty satisfaction out of that without having to have extra junk around my house.
I also love Elizabeth’s advice–you know who you are. Feel confident in that. I feel a little sad for this man who refuses to get to know you but thinks he’s making an effort.

Megan says:

Love the insight on self-care at the top of the podcast. I’ve been trying to figure out what’s really quality self-care for me and what’s just making me feel worse about myself. You nailed it on the head and I just haven’t been able to put words to my feelings about taking time for myself.

Scoozy says:

I’m a long time listener of all your podcasts. You both give the gift of honesty and I’m sure you’ve helped thousands if not millions of people! There are so many issues I’ve identified with but Elizabeth’s guilt over spending on an extravagance and Andy’s little bit o’ “rubbing it in” response made me want to jump to Elizabeth’s defense. First of all, what is life without a few extravagances? Dullsville! Next, Andy, she already felt guilty and said she could hardly enjoy the experience because of it. Letting her off the hook without any reaction except sympathy and interest would’ve paid off for you to infinity and beyond believe me. Lastly, the esthetician was probably full of %$& but sometimes we need to feel special and that we matter in the world. We all sort of know it’s snake oil but it’s fun to suspend belief for a little while and enjoy some magic!

Lindsey says:

Keep your pubic hair!! It’s there’s to protect your vagina, as you totally know…do what I do for your Palm Springs trip: find and purchase a bathing suit that is NOT super high cut that allows you to keep it (boy shorts or 1950’s style bottoms). Bathing Suits are getting skimpier- we have to fight against the industry by purchasing the kinds of clothing that allow us to keep our bodies in tact

For all natural facial products, I make my own products and order wholesale essential oils and carrier oils from this site, check out Floracopia…(I don’t work for them, just think you might enjoy)

On a side not I am Such a huge fan of yours, Elizabeth. After I gave birth this past September as a first time mom, your podcast was my sanity against postpartum…seriously don’t know what I would have done without totally mommy! You are an inspiration. Thank you for existing 🙂

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