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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 291

Short but sweet! Elizabeth and Andy discuss the costs and cons of living a creative life in LA before giving their unqualified advice to a single listener question about how to move on from a long term relationship and breakup that blindsided you? Enjoy!


Erika says:

LOL My entry level job in Manhattan 5 years ago paid $35k

Alex says:

Same! I just graduated college and while some of my finance/engineering friends might be pulling closer to 70k, my humanities degree is paying off more slowly. Fortunately, even though it doesn’t pay much and the city I live in is expensive, I really do love my job. I’ve also read several studies that concluded that while starting salaries for humanities/more artsy degrees are low, around the 7-10 year mark post-grad, we are often on par with those with more “desirable” degrees. So I’m hangin in there!

Anonymous this time says:

Yuuuuup. I was applying to jobs out of college in NYC for $33,000/year. The actual job I got, not in NYC but another city in the east coast, had a starting salary of $32,000. Four years later, I am making $38,000.

I had a friend whose brother studied engineering or something and his starting salary – with a major company like I think Amazon – was $70,000 and I nearly fainted with jealousy. That’s like unheard of as a starting salary! (I also know someone who has been an economist for maybe five years or so and their salary is $80,000 a year, and that’s someone who has a ton of degrees and accomplishments in their field!)

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