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TBASH 100 – Natalie Smyka [Sodas Cubanos!]

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Totally Beverages Podcast

Episode 110

Grab your passport and lift your embargoes, cuz we’re on a ¡SODAS CUBANOS! flight with deputy NATALIE SMYKA! How much sugar is too much sugar? 1/4 cup. Plus Mr. Snackers vs a Unicorn, preground vs whole bean coffee, cafe con leche vs the flat white, the Internet vs PepsiCo, cheesecloth vs sediment, and SOOO much more!

Watch Natalie’s new web series ThreadBare now (and every Tuesday morning)

See comments section for photos and more show notes…


Juan says:

My sister is visiting me from Colombia. They also have a malt beverage called Pony Malta. I tasted it after her telling me a lot of people drink it in Colombia. Awful. Poured it out after one sip. Basically it tastes like unfermented beer. There are many versions out there. Maybe a Malt beverage tasting. Pony Malta, Hatuey, & Inca Malta?

Helgi says:

Malt soda (Maltextrakt) is huge in Iceland. And at Christmas time (and Christmas only!) we cut it with orange soda. because nothing says christmas like malt and orange.

Shea says:

Just as I started this ep i was thinking, gee we havent had any psychic visions from andy in a while and then BAM! there it was haha!! Maybe i am a lil psychic tooo..?!?!?!

Ps … so frreakin jazzed about the limited edish-irts, baseball tee with mr snackers is a dream come true!!

Love u guys, GFY!

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