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Vasectomy vs. Bullet Journal!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 298

Elizabeth and Andy both have their own very important announcements to make today! Both have to do with good things coming to an end! Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about how to form a good relationship with a future mother in law who is bad at boundaries, how to navigate a spouses friendship that seems toxic or negative, and if Elizabeth and Andy stand by their answer to the question of whether or not to have a third child? Enjoy!


Libby says:

You know what, Elizabeth? I spent so much of my life feeling like I was a big, flakey failure because I start things and stop things from time to time but you know what? I tried a lot of things!
Don’t let anyone make you feel like a failure because you used a Bujo for a year and decided it wasn’t for you. That’s awesome. You’re taking ownership of your life and I think that’s an important aspect to life. An admirable quality.
Because of you, I started a Bullet Journal and I love it so much. I feel like I finally found my thing. So even if it didn’t last forever for you, it made a convert out of me. <3

Jill Chittum says:

I started a bullet journal after listening to you guys talk about it. I was all in for the first six months or so, but I’m struggling now. I love it for all the reasons you mentioned, Elizabeth, but now, I feel like I want to be spending the time I was spending CREATING the layouts actually DOING the things I was planning on the pages. 🙂 I’m trying to decide if I want to re-up my bujo game or not. Interesting that you guys are talking about it when I’ve been thinking a lot about it for the last few weeks.

Writer-Inner says:

Hi guys, thanks for the help with my girlfriend’s mom! It’s been a couple months since I wrote in, and in the meantime I’ve pretty much just tried to be as unresponsive (yet polite) as possible, haha. I’ve found the issue is more that when I mention to my girlfriend that I’ve spoken with her mom, it can bring up some real bummer feelings for her and can easily ruin a day. This being the case, I just straight up never mention it anymore if I have a conversation with the mom, no matter how brief or whatever. I feel guilty about that for sure, but I do think it’s better and less complicated? I also definitely don’t give out any information I know my gf would be uncomfortable with, and keep it super super light/surface level. Fortunately it’s been happening less and less. Oh well. As an avid listener of this show, I know so many mother’s/mother-in-laws are legit crazy….but it just always blows my mind how bad a relationship between a parent and child can be 🙁

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