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Happy 300 Episodes!!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 300

Elizabeth and Andy celebrate their lucky 300 by sharing Elizabeth’s most humiliating fantasy ever and Andy’s very sweet hope for the future of this podcast! Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about how to support a sister through divorce when you suspect she’s the trashbag in the situation, how to navigate a cleaning person who broke something in your home without acknowledging it, how to rebuild trust in a marriage after a suspected betrayal, what the best way is to be politically active without having to make phone calls, and how to set boundaries with your pot dealing neighbor when you really love his bud? Enjoy!


Rawr says:

Hi Elizabeth – I think you missed one of the main issues for the writer-inner who asked about making their voice heard on issues. I think she said that she lives in DC currently, as do I. Unfortunately and unfairly, we have no voting representation in Congress, and Congress has veto power over our local legislation. So a lot of the standard advice of “call your representatives” don’t apply – the reps don’t really listen to you if you’re not a constituent. But your other suggestions for getting involved are great! Thank you for sharing!

Rawr says:

it makes me so sad how few people realize that the voters of DC are disenfranchised (no offense to you Elizabeth – I think most people outside of this area don’t know!) We have over 650,000 residents – more than the populations of Wyoming and Vermont – and pay federal taxes just like everyone else, but have no voting power in Congress. The Republicans have blocked us from becoming a state only because it would mean more Dems in Congress because we are so liberal.

Daniel says:

We could use this web site here for the Super Pac. And we can all use our social media to tell everyone about Elizabeth’s Super Pac. Laimewads, let’s do it. Elizabeth, how can we assist in making this happen!

Ryann says:

I am so glad I listened to this alone, because I was truly crying with laughter at your fantasy. The entire story from start to finish was just amazing and such a glimpse into your imagination! Hahaha still dying thinking about it. But girl, ain’t no shame in that game!! It’s crazy the connections the brain makes. πŸ˜‚

Heather says:

Holy cow! Can’t believe this is 300! I was actually crying with laughter while listening (which was counter-productive to the makeup I was trying to put on…so worth it, though).

Thanks for 300 episodes of laughs (and some tears—I’m looking at you, Episode 100).

Love y’all! Hope to get to hear episode 600 one day πŸ™‚

Diane says:

I agree with you about the need for better gun regulation but I’m disappointed to hear you keep talking about it in terms of disabled people (mentally ill people and now blind people), who are far more likely to be victims than perpetrators. If guns can’t be banned altogether as they were in the U.K after children were mass-murdered, surely the focus should be on the people (usually men) who perpetrate gun violence, and in limiting access to guns for people with a history of domestic violence — murder and domestic terrorism are often an escalation of this type of abuse, as we saw in at least one of the shootings last week. This is far more common but seemingly harder to discuss, especially with men, who are after all the majority of political representatives. But it’s important to recognize that there are far more dangerous groups than disabled people and that perpetuating these myths contributes to stigma.

Catherine says:

I did not know there was any legislation to keep doctors from speaking about gun safety? I recently switched pediatricians for my son and on the first visit I was answering the 80 million questions the nurse was asking me. She asked if we had guns in the home. I said excuse me? Lol bc I wasn’t sure I heard her right. She asked again and I said oh no, we don’t, sorry never been asked that before. She said well if you answer yes we just like to speak to you about how to properly keep them locked up. Made me love this ped office even more!! And ps I live in south Louisiana hah

Rebecca says:

Once again, you had me cry-laughing at work, wondering what everyone around me would think if they knew I was listening to Griswold-themed fantasies!

Jonathan F. says:

Wow, this was a truly classic ep if mostly due to the otherworldly fantasy that I will never forget… It totally made my day and felt so glad about being alive ro hear this, just perplexing and highly enjoyable. It’s hard to wrap one’s mind around that line of thought, but worth it and utterly fascninating!

Mona says:

This may be my new favorite episode! Elizabeth revealing her new fantasy and Andy’s reaction to it was the best. I love it when an entire episode goes by without any political talk. πŸ™‚

Mona says:

I spoke too soon. Just hit the political pocket. I miss the laughing.

Eddie says:

My favorite part of their podcasts has always been when Elizabeth loses it laughing. The only time their naivetΓ© about sex is charming.

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