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Summer Dreamin’!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 301

Elizabeth and Andy discuss the dismal state of affairs in the world, how to brand oneself for success and what their dream summer away would be! Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about how to convince a boyfriend to move to LA for some fun when he’s not interested, and how to get your partner to pitch in more with housework when the scales are tipped significantly in the other direction? Enjoy!


gp watson says:

Ironic that after a political pocket partially about race one of the places mentioned that A&E might want to live in the future is Lake Geneva Wisconsin. According to recent census numbers it’s a community that has approx. 90% White population. Not ideal if you want to raise kids with an eye toward diversity. That said there is no denying it is a beautiful town and a beautiful area of our state.

Martha says:

Really wanted to thank Elizabeth for talking about police brutality, I listen to so many podcast and I noticed only the black run podcast seem to discuss this issue but it’s not a colour issue it should affect everyone right ??
Really wish Elizabeth had someone she could talk to that will give her feedback and make it a conversation.
Andy just stays quite? Something about his silence rubs me the wrong way it’s like he doesn’t agree therefore maybe Elizabeth do a separate podcast without him to discuss all the serious topics with someone who has input. It can even be a republican just so I can hear her views and they are not left to the last five minutes of the podcast.
Anyway much love from the U.K. Long long time Listner x

Lyndsey Carter says:

The Sleepless In Seattle houseboat is on Lake Union in the heart of downtown Seattle. Friday Harbor is dope. If/when you go, go whale watching! Tucker House has AMAZING BnB and you can get a little cottage. They also have a lot of free amenities including bikes. Just saying.

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