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Ya Can’t Win ‘Em All!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 302

Elizabeth and Andy start off what they later crown, “the worst podcast ever” by discussing multiple topics surrounding fast food and missed opportunities. Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about Andy’s knowledge of cults, whether to navigate different love languages or bounce, and how to turn a long distance relationship into a short distance relationship early on? Enjoy!


Clare Kelly says:

I grew up in a vegetarian family, and Taco Bell was the only fast food we ever ate! You can get most things on their menu made vegetarian. And, I eat extremely healthy, but still love Taco Bell every few months!

CMR says:

Yes. It is becoming one of the healthiest fast food restaurants and it is certified vegetarian by the American Vegetarian Association.

I became vegetarian 5 years ago, and figured Taco Bell was not longer an option for me. I will make a trip to try one of the veggie options. I am from Upstate NY, and the only Taco Bell was the only “TexMex” we had.

Kali Sbalbi says:

My husband and I are also vegetarians (plus fairly healthy) and Taco Bell is always at the top of our list when we choose to eat out. It’s definitely the most accommodating fast food restaurant for vegetarian diets.

We go on a pretty regular basis (it’s our go-to for weekend binges or road trip meals) – we’re big fans!

Kali Sbalbi says:

PS (to the other veggies) – at TB, you can replace any meat with their black or (vegan) pinto beans. This means you CAN get chalupas, cheesy gordita cruches, crunch wrap supremes, etc. This was life-changing news for me. Enjoy!

Stefanie says:

Hey, Elizabeth and Andy, love your podcast! One thing I want to clear up …the Lafferty brothers who committed the double murders in Utah over 20 years ago were NOT MORMON. They started out that way, but at the time of the murders they had been excommunicated from the church and became members of a splinter group, a fundamentalist version of Mormonism. I personally cringe when I hear my religion characterized as a cult.

Lindsay says:

I haven’t read Under the Banner of Heaven, but I did read Into Thin Air and I want to share that within the mountaineering and climbing community Krakauer’s book is highly controversial and his account of events was very damaging and unfair to some good people who do not have the same platform as he does to give their account of events. A tragedy did occur on Everest, but his account prioritized a gripping narrative over telling the truth. I think Krakauer is a great writer, and I admit that Into Thin Air was a compelling read. But people should know that his writing should not go without scrutiny. He is, after all, trying to sell a book.

Jessie Danniell says:

Can you please spell the name of the random gift? Asersis? Acercies? I would love to look up the tradition! I’m hard of hearing and without transcribed text I kinda have to guess at words that are unfamiliar in my vocabulary. Just wanted you to know I love you guys!

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