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New House, New Attitude!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 305

Elizabeth and Andy share their joy in their new house regarding things like doors on rooms and a fridge ready with… wait for it… CRUSHED ICE!!! Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about how to deal with friends who are only about their children and the big question about whether or not to have kids in tandem with that, what to do when you see someone’s kid pee in public without their knowing, how to respond to people’s obnoxious comments regarding having an only child, and what to do about a roommate/trash bag who doesn’t wash their hands after the latrine?! Enjoy!


Elizabeth says:

I don’t think DVDs are obsolete. We still watch a ton of DVDs especially in the van when we are traveling!! We are actually going to Disney in October and planning on renting a bunch of DVDS on the way from redbox to keep the kids entertained for the long drive.

Meg says:

Love this podcast, however this morning was a tough listen. I am irate that now we are claiming that Trump supporters or those who believe he is a good President now are being assumed to not wash their hands after using the restroom. Nothing you said gives any support to such an outlandish comment and if you really want to reach out to people who have opposing ideas insulting them is not the way to do it. Again, I really enjoy the podcast and your advice has been so great to listen to. I just don’t understand how appalled you are at some of Donald Trumps comments but can accuse others of being disgusting without a concern.

Elizabeth says:

hahaha. It was a fucking joke! (But I think donald trump supporters are truly disgusting. Citing everything that’s happening in the last few days.)

Lauren Shaver says:

While I did not vote for Trump my own husband and other family and friends did. I have to agree with Meg on this one. Jokes can be taken too far at times and as in all jokes/sarcasm there is a little truth on the tellers end of how they feel. It is all good we will agree to disagree and move on. Other then the political rants I do enjoy the podcast and the interaction between you too. Congrats on the new home 🙂

Christina Hills says:

I think if you listen to a comedy podcast that is anti trump you need to expect this kind of joke. There are thousands of podcasts- find one that aligns with your views rather than complaining about this one.
Also to clarify- Elizabeth said people who think trump is doing a good job which doesn’t necessarily include all people who voted or support him partially.

Alexa says:

CONGRATS on your new house!!! The opening of this episode felt so good today to hear how happy you are. My partner and I just applied to a new apartment complex opening in Boston that’s actually rent controlled and not managed by the usual boston scumbags….we are praying that we get in and hearing your success makes me feel so hopeful!

Squashblossom says:

THANK YOU for your answer to the only child question! My son will basically grow up as an only child since his brother is 16 years older, and I was in a similar situation growing up. I never felt lonely, I had as many friends as I wanted, and I learned how to entertain myself and play creatively.

The assumptions that “only children are weird” (and what would be wrong with being “weird” anyway? Lots of innovators and geniuses are weird!) are based on…pretty much nothing. Recent studies actually suggest that only children are more intelligent and more creative. So anyone who has negative comments about it can suck it.

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