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The Big Move!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 306

Elizabeth and Andy are in their new house and it feels so good! They discuss Andy’s upcoming short film about pooper scoopers as well as their vivid moving memories from childhood. No questions this week because they are lost somewhere in a sea of boxes! Enjoy!


Meg says:

Can I ask what your intent is with the politics in this podcast? Is it to actually stimulate thought of those on the other side or is it just a place you can be heard on what is bothering you with society? Because if your trying to address people like me with opposing ideas calling me disgusting just makes me want to tune you out and not consider anything your saying. I believe through the years of podcasts I have listened to that you are intelligent and well informed woman and its a shame that the insults you so easily throw at the other side muddle the message you obviously believe in so dearly.

Jenn says:

I feel the same way. I love the podcast and will still listen but it turns me off because I differ politically. It is your guys right to free speech but I am on Ep. 135 and I am dreading reaching to past the election. I do not want to stop listening but I am not wanting to feel bad about myself after listening. I usually feel so good and I don’t want it to change but I fear it will. I am actually truly scared to listen that far.

Meg says:

I can definitely relate Jenn. All I can do now is assume that the politics discussed here is a form of venting and encouraging those with like ideas. I’ve tried multiple times to say that I would be open to having a conversation founded on what unites and drives our decisions and its either not been acknowledged or taken with negative intent. Therefore, I will go back to tuning out the politics here which is shame given Elizabeth’s drive and commitment to the issues.

Lauren says:

While I am more moderate and didn’t vote for Trump. I don’t really like hearing the insults either as I have close family and friends who did vote for Trump etc… The politics portion just turns me off and I skip through it. You ladies aren’t alone in your feelings of this portion of the podcast. Other then that I enjoy listening to it.

Kallie says:

Ohmygoodness please don’t EVER put dog poop (or anything other than rainwater) down the storm drain! Not sure how the stormwater is managed in L.A., but where I live in Canada the storm drain is either connected to a management pond, or directly to the nearest lake or river. Very rarely is it connected to the sanitary sewer. I’m a stormwater engineer, and it drives me crazy to see people pour waste down the drains. Definitely no bueño!

Kieran says:

Congrats on the house, Elizabeth and Andy. And also…this is YOUR podcast. I guarantee you saying that people who think Trump is doing a good job also don’t wash their hands (in addition to really making me belly laugh last week) doesn’t compare in terms of hateful sentiment to the hateful things those 36% of Americans have said or thought about people with way less societal power than them. If they also think Trump is doing a good job (meaning they think that it’s okay to exclude hardworking transpeople from public spaces, it’s okay to separate families of undocumented peoples, it’s okay to call for even more police brutality in communities of color) and the WORST thing someone says about them is that they don’t wash their hands…I’m not losing any sleep over that. Sorry. Keep fighting the good fight.

Meg says:

Your totally right Elizabeth and Andy can say whatever they want on this podcast. I also can react to it. I wonder if I said (and I dont believe this) that all Hillary supporters are disgusting how you would feel. Honestly all I am trying to say is I understand this is a very black and white decision for a lot of people but its not for all us. And when we come together and understand how we are similar. When we assume others are legitimately trying to figure out whats the best for their families and communities thats when positive conversations can be had and change occurs. Not by claiming others have insincere motives or intentions.

Alexa Masi says:

Meg, I don’t think whether or not you’ve called Hillary supporters disgusting is a fair comparison. I think part of the whole point of the outrage is that Trump has said awful things about immigrants, people of color, disabled people, and fills his administration who says even worse things about LGBT people, etc.

So while you may have not called a “Hillary supporter” “disgusting”, you’ve probably said and obviously supported people calling, for instance, gay people disgusting/abominable/dirty/sinful, etc. Mike Pence, for instance, seems to think my wonderful girlfriend and I are responsible for the “downfall of our society” and specifically legislates against us. I’d say that’s far worse than Elizabeth, in turn, calling him and his supporters disgusting.

You can have your opinions for sure, but when your opinion means supporting dehumanizing me, and other people in minorities, then people are equally going to have bad opinions about you, and frankly you deserve it.

Kieran says:

Meg, I am not going to do this with you. I’m just not. I am a black queer person, this administration directly threatens people who look like me. I am not interested in debating that with someone who supports this administration. I believe in debate. Not when the subject is whether people who think I’m human should be in power. that is incredibly dehumanizing and I’m not going to convince you of my humanity anyway.

Meg says:

I feel like I want to say I understand and have compassion for what your saying but it may come off wrong. I do hope down the road everyone will get to a point where we can have a constructive conversation and positively impact our government.

Martha says:

Get a Doggie Dooley for the poop situation. You put it in a hole in the yard, then scoop the poop and throw it in. There are digestive enzymes that you put in it and it breaks down the poop and it has a lid so no stink! We’ve put one in at every house we’ve had and it is life changing.

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