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Craigslist Score!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 309

Elizabeth and Andy discuss the glorious Craigslist score they just made as well as a really sad story for Elizabeth vs. a sweet innocent bird. Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about how to overcome ingrained body image issues to rock some lingerie, and a question about small talk etiquette in an office? Enjoy!


Alexa Masi says:

Just wanted to say I am 100% with you with what you said in the political pocket. I think part of Andy’s question about why is the alt-right so important has to do with their intense organizing ability and zeal which Trump is keen on tapping into. There’s a great podcast called “Reveal” that just did an episode on Trump and white nationalism for anyone interested. Part of it, too, is that the average white conservative often is so in denial of their own latent racism that they can fall into line with the alt-right much easier than anyone wants to believe, which makes radicalizing them easier and a good (for Trump and co.) strategy. Like, the alt-right openly champions ethno-cleansing, but Republican economic policies for decades have ACTUALLY tried to wipe black, queer, disabled, and poor people out through legislation. It’s just packaged in a different way, and presented with a calm, trusting looking face.

Also, as someone who was at the Boston common this Saturday for 4+ hours, I just want to reassure everyone that I did not witness ANY violence or even worrisome tension amongst the protesters. The BPD sent out their teams in riot gear, which always makes photos/videos seem much more intense than it actually was. It was truly a safe, respectful, powerful event. I saw many families, old people, young babies, dogs, etc who were never in any danger and were united with practiced activists. Don’t let anyone try to tell you differently!

Gretchen says:

I’m not done listening to the episode but I had to comment on the bird. I’m so sorry that happened and I get how bad you feel but you really shouldn’t swerve or stop in the road for birds, squirrels, opossum etc. The car behind you may not have been paying attention and cause an accident. What you did actually kept you and Otis safe. My husband has had to drill this into my head when I go to swerve to miss a squirrel. People have died over small animals. Hang in there you are doing great! Cheers on the new house.

resastra says:

It’s on the car behind you not to follow so close. I’d stop, but not swerve (as to stay in my lane).

B says:

Totally agree with this comment. I’ve always been told to never stop for an animal…which I mean is SO hard but stopping suddenly can cause an accident.

Squashblossom says:

Was listening to the Political Pocket and fist-pumping in agreement the whole time, so I figured this was as good a time as any to post a link to my project that might help people:
It’s a…well, it’s not a website yet, it’s just a social media presence I’ve started, dedicated to cutting through the muck and finding actionable steps you can take, and keeping people “woke” and up to date without bogging them down with negativity and doom. I needed this for myself, so I created it for others.

And the book club is an awesome idea – I need to do that too! A friend of mine started a political reading group but it fizzled out. We should start it up again.

Eliza says:

I love you and I know you’re very clear about being unqualified, but still had to comment on this one issue: just please be cautious about advising anorexics to use alcohol to feel more body confident. Eating disorders can go hand in hand with other forms of addiction and can be very dangerous for anyone, but especially someone with anorexia/bulimia, to start relying on substances in order to feel better about their body. It’s so hard and you have been very open about your own history with disordered eating/dieting (thank you for that) so I know it may not have occurred to you…just wanted to point it out perhaps for next time. Hope you understand, it’s not a criticism. I just feel for that writer-inner and hope she is ok.

Mash says:

For the woman who is nervous to wear lingerie in front of her partner: I totally get it.

I used to hate my body, even after I lost 100 pounds and was pretty damn thin. The way I got over my confidence issues was: when I’m afraid to show something, I show exactly that. I’ve done that with regard to my career confidence (when I was a grad student and felt so bad at it) and about my body.

When you show what you’re most afraid to show, you see that the reaction is usually better than you expected AND you attract the people who like you exactly as you are.

This has been a lifesaver for me and even though I’m actually heavier now than i was 2 years ago, I am SO much happier with my body.

If anyone wants to talk more about this, feel free to get in touch. 🙂

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