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Moments Of Presence!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 312

Elizabeth and Andy discuss their future podcasting endeavors as well as the moments in life that make them feel most content/present! Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about dealing with an immature roommate who won’t take responsibility for her actions, and how to navigate a parenting challenge with a partner who doesn’t see eye to eye with you on what to do? Enjoy!


Eliza says:

Please keep the marriage/advice aspect of your podcast! I already listen to Nerdist, Lauren Lapkus and WTF for celeb interviews/comedy, No-Sleep for horror/creepy. But you are the only podcast talking about bridezillas and overbearing mothers-in-law and baby shower etiquette. You guys have a great niche right there! Like a Dear Abby-type thing, but with a fun couple you’re friends with.

Wishing you lots of success, whatever you do. But hoping it’s more advice on navigating life and marriage…there are no other podcasts doing that, at least not as well as you guys. πŸ™‚

Libby says:

Hard agree. πŸ˜‰
You guys already have a niche. Just because it comes naturally doesn’t mean that it’s not a niche. I love hearing you guys checking in with one another.

eddie says:

Hard disagree. I never saw Totally Laime as a celebrity interview show. I saw it as talented, humorous friends hanging out.

When you ended Totally Laime you killed the goose that killed the golden egg. It was always funny as hell and you took your guests places they didn’t go on other podcasts talking with them, not interviewing them. I don’t know what your ratings were but you were always in my top 3 must listen shows and I listen to a lot of podcasts.

You guys were so good conducting a show of that sort. You kept it in line, not letting it devolve into silliness or people talking all over each other as so many other podcasts do. You are naturals as hosts.

The advice aspect of this show is maddening because when you go deep you are so often ill informed. Unless the listener goes into the comments, corrections from your listeners to things you say, particularly about sex, go uncorrected. Your interaction, as on Totally Laime, is the best part of the show and keeps me listening.

And what about TBASH? If Andy doesn’t continue with that gem he should franchise it or turn it over to Josh because that was a great combination of entertainment and information also conducted in a very listenable way.

Renew Totally Laime. You were at your best.

Coco says:

Hi Elizabeth and Andy,

Podcasts are where it’s at! In such a short amount of time, podcasts have come to dominate my household (and many of my peers) when it comes to news and entertainment. Podcasts all day, every day! It’s definitely a fast growing new media that is taking market shares away from the old standards.

I agree that the Totally Married name doesn’t properly represent your podcast. I’ve suggested it to many friends with pushback that they aren’t married or interested in a podcast about marriage. Totally Laime worked because it played so well off your last name. Totally Mommy worked because it was a podcast about motherhood. “Totally” is your brand so is there a way to rename Married while keeping your brand? Totally Questions? Totally Unqualified Advice? Unqualified Advice…Totally?

It’s been a bummer going from having a bevy of Totally podcasts I’d look forward to throughout the week to now just Married (which I love, obviously). It’d make me incredibly happy to bring Totally Laime and Totally Mommy back. Because you had guests on Totally Laime, it cross promoted your show to their fans/listeners, helping build your own base. It’s what the pod world is essentially built upon, everyone making the rounds to guest on other shows and creating a following. I’ve been listening to old TL podcasts because I became a listener a few seasons in. With every episode I’m STILL blown away by what a unique and special podcast you created that was basically just shooting the shit with comedy guests. I have yet to come across anything that entertaining and unforced. Many comedy podcasts I’ve listened to seem to be trying so hard, which yours never did.

I completely understand why Totally Mommy was canceled but OMG, I miss you and Vanessa, especially as a new mom. It was such a joy listening to your perspectives on different parenting issues. Maybe reboot it with less personal stories and heavier on answering listener questions? A new spin?

Political podcasts are making a killing right now due to our country’s political climate. It’s a pretty male dominated area, we need more female led shows, and I’d love to see Elizabeth host one! Interview guests, tackle timely subjects, and help shine a light on causes you care about and how your listeners can get involved.

Recap podcasts are also super fun. Bitch Sesh for Housewives and Here to Make Friends, a feminist take on the Bachelor Franchise, are both entertaining with huge followings. Again, they have guests on so that helps build their own podcast with cross promotion. Any tv show you love that needs a recap podcast?

And of course, TBASH for life! Andy, could you do some sort of music industry insider podcast? Host musicians, producers, behind the scenes type folks? I’d love to learn more.

Can you get back on Earwolf? Max Fun? Other? The shows in those pod worlds cross promote so it helps me find new shows to check out and eventually subscribe.

Also, I try to remember to use the Amazon link. I used it much more when there were multiple shows reminding me throughout the week. Ads don’t bother me because podcasts are a free medium. You need to make money somehow otherwise there won’t be podcasts!

Anyways, it would be a full time job running a podcast empire, booking guests, etc. BUT, I’m seeing it become quite successful for those that are all in. Live shows, merchandise, books, ads…it all adds up. Good luck!!!

Coco says:

Oh, and if you were to drop the Totally, this would be the time to do it. The new podcast names wouldn’t necessarily need to be connected by name titles but you could still use Totally under the “network”or umbrella name. Totally Podcasts, the Totally Family of Podcasts, etc.

Sarah says:

Holy shit…i could not stop laughing out loud during the anal inspection pinworm discussion!!! I was in public listening on my phone and I’m sure people thought i was psychotic! Thanks for the laughs. Also, i would listen to any podcast you both are on.

Sarah M says:

I am copying my post from the Facebook page like Coco did above.

– I miss Totally Mommy bc I miss hearing Elizabeth and Vanessa talk and I miss you having your mommy friends on but I completely understand why you stopped.

– I love the daily idea. Every day could be something different. One day is political/news, one is all kids, one is all marriage, one is all comedy, one day is an inspirational story… that way if someone doesn’t like hearing about kids they just don’t listen that day. And they don’t have to be a full hour long. I get satisfaction out of some 30-40 min podcasts that I listen too especially if they are daily.

– have you thought about pairing up with a podcast group like feral audio or maximum fun? Idk if that would help you make more money but it would help with the resources and advertising

– I LOVE the Totally empire bc I have been with y’all from the beginning but I agree with Elizabeth that it is a tad too “cute” when I suggest it to someone i feel like they roll their eyes at me and I have to explain that it’s not at all what it sounds like.

** edited to add that I think you both are so talented at podcasting. You are natural and the episode doesn’t sound over produced which I LOVE. I feel like I’m sitting there with you just having a conversation. I would be sad if you decided to give it up completely. Please don’t stop… please πŸ™‚

Eliza says:

So I commented this morning but it got deleted – presumably because I absentmindedly mentioned other podcasts by name? If that was the case, my apologies, and my opinion is still that I hope you and Andy will continue with the Totally Married style podcast, whatever you call it. There are a lot of comedy podcasts and political/news podcasts, but yours is the only podcast that seems to discuss bridezillas, overbearing in-laws, baby shower protocol, etc. Regular life stuff. Other people’s daily situations. You guys bring a unique and fun perspective – however you frame it, please don’t lose the unqualified advice segment!

Five says:

I’m excited that you might be adding a new podcast or going to 5 days a week!

A podcast I listen to that does 5 days a week is ‘Keith and The Girl’ (and the podcast is their source of income). They generally have a guest but often enough it’s just the 2 of them talking about their life, or the news, or movies. But even without any guests I would still want to listen to you and Andy daily.

Looking forward to any new podcast you put out.

Tina Fick says:

Hey Guys,

I have listened to every single one of your episodes and I have enjoyed you as part of my morning podcast routine! I think you don’t need to reinvent the wheel and create something entirely new for your podcast. Stick with what works and don’t overwork it! Get back to answering more questions. What I really like about that is the listening community gets the feel of each other by all the questions that are sent in, read, and answered. It definitely feels like a community that way. My critical feedback is that your intros have gotten too long and meandering and I miss hearing more questions and advice. Meander in between questions – not so heavily on the front end. It has gotten to the point where some episodes have 10 mins of question time. Look at how long advice columns run in print papers! People love it!

Thanks for turning to us for advice,


E says:

YAAAAASSS to this! Questions and advice are the best parts and sometimes by the time all the intros are done there’s only time for one question. Or when they start to read the next question and then decide against it mid-read? Totally blue balls. Lol. Love you guys.

Rachel says:

I agree with this! I love the interaction between you guys, but sometimes there aren’t enough questions. Part of what brought me to this podcast is that I really enjoy reading advice (IE: reddit relationships sub) and enjoyed the different perspectives you two bring to the table.

Emily says:

I would welcome Totally Laime back with open arms! Totally Stories would be a fun podcast or a new segment to TL. Let your guests tell stories as you guys bounce off of it and Andy asks silly questions. You could even do entire months of a certain category of story (embarrassing stories, tales from HS, and ghost stories in October obviously.)
And also Vanessa should be at least a monthly guest. I miss hearing your friendship! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Thanks for the years of entertainment! Whatever you do, I will support it!

Sara says:

I would love to see more Totally Podcasts. The inspiring stories would be awesome. We need more positivity in our world, things that renew our faith in humanity and the majesty of being alive. Or, you know, just make us smile or think. πŸ™‚ I think you guys (and guests if you like) could totally bring it with that stuff. And a plus would be doing the research would totally be an upper for YOUR life. I assume. πŸ™‚

If you’re looking for a re-name of Totally Married, how about (Totally) Laime Advice?

Libby says:

I love the idea of a Totally Daily (I know, I know, you want to drop the totally but I think it works here) show (if it’s feasable) but it can’t be a whole hour. Twenty minutes tops. I love you guys but… that’s a lot of time together. πŸ˜€

Maybe you could do a different thing every day?
Interview one day, questions one day, political pocket another day?

When Elizabeth brought up My Favorite Murder I was reminded of one of my favorite parts of that podcast–the fact that they release something twice a week. So, if you didn’t have the option of going daily, you could always pop in mid week for a quick show. That could be a day that you read questions from Writerinners and do the big interview in another episode that you did earlier in the week.

Just a thought! I would love for you guys to be able to make a living doing what you love so much and what brings absolute joy to so many people.

Lydia says:

I love you guys and would *totally* (hehe) listen to you more than once per week! Totally Married is the first thing I listen to on a Monday, and I’d gladly welcome more episodes into my podcast list. Don’t have any suggestions as far as topic but just wanted to say that I’m glad you’re doubling down on podcasting instead of hanging up the microphones–don’t know what I’d do without you guys!

Emily says:

I miss Totally Laime — I’m sure it was a pain to book the hilarious guests but it was SO much fun to hear those eps (and I heard all of them). I can’t see a matte paint job on a car without cracking up still.

Roz says:

Yes! Totally Laime was my favourite podcast. I try to do play the rapidfire game with friends and they just don’t get it.

Basia says:

I am obsessed with you guys and would looove for TL and TM to come back. Or a parenting one that you do together. Or anything with Vanessa. I also miss the rapid fire style questions/segment…

For new ideas, I remember Elizabeth, when you once said that your favourite thing on thr podcast is when someone says, “I’ve never told anyone this… ” and tells a personal story. Maybe a podcast where guests reveal something about themselves (a secret, something silly, a story from childhood) and it is a starting point for a discussion? Does that exist yet?

Anyway, more more more please.

Steph says:

My first thought for a new podcast branch would be to play on Elizabeth’s writing background. Have a guest each week write a short story (or come with an already written one) and have the episode be devoted to the story telling with full production thanks to Andy’s talents and Elizabeth directing.

All of you could “act” the story out. I’m thinking of this in a similar style as the homecoming podcast, since fictional podcasts are really hot right now but it could be comedy, drama, memoir, etc. all based on who the guest is that week. You could always break them up into multiple parts, keep the listeners on our toes until the next episode.

I think that would combine the things we all love about Totally Laime and bring in both Elizabeth’s and Andy’s creative talents.

Steph says:

also because the time investment in the production would be so high, do 30 min episodes! I’ve really come to love the shorter podcasts mixed in with my longer ones.

Steph says:

One more thought, you could then do a second interview type podcast with the author for a second episode that week, building upon the previous commenter above. (and this I’m thinking similar to modern love how they do the follow up afterward)

Rachel says:

I really like this idea! You could totally think of a narrative each week, have some kind of guest, and you guys have to act it out.

sabrina says:

Hi Elizabeth,

Just heard your appeal for new show ideas and thought i’d chime in…

I’ve listened to you forever and you’ve even featured a couple of my questions on totally mommy. I think that your voice, your candor, and your ease with guests is unparalleled. When totally mommy ended (for reasons i completely get), it left a big hole with me and a lot of women who tuned in to feel that sense of camraderie with you and vanessa. i switched over to totally married because it was the only podcast left, but i have to admit…it’s not my favorite.

while i believe your relationship with andy is built on years of love, trust and chemistry, i find that that spark doesn’t come across on the podcast. having listened to you sans andy for so long, i have to say that i really think you shine more without him. on several episodes, his passivity ends up taking the lead because it’s where your thoughts and feelings are. what i mean is, i’m listening to you–this awesome podcast host–second guess herself, her tone and his mood. what i want to be listening to is your take, and your story. i’ve discussed this dynamic with other friends who listen and they all agree. you’re ability to tap into and relate to women just gets diminished when andy is co-anchoring, and it think that’s a real shame because that connection to women, in my opinion, is your biggest asset.

this brings me to my idea for your next show. when i think about the podcasts i tune into and what i really actively crave, it boils down to body image. this subject came up a lot on totally mommy and i feel like your struggles with food, weight, and balancing personal and societal pressure on women is so relatable. i tune into the mental illness happy hour, and i really like that show, but it’s a deep commitment to make it through an episode. i love another round, especially the self care segments and focus, but it’s clearly meant to be a show about women of color and the specificity of that struggle. what’s missing for me is that show that just feels like a bunch of my friends talking about the stuff that gets under our skin: wanting to look a certain way and then feeling guilty for not accepting ourselves the way we are; getting sucked into cleanses and diets and weird exercise trends; focusing on celebrity bodies even though we know its gauche.

there’s been a subtle trend recently of actresses admitting how sexist hollywood is and calling attention to their own stories. a couple of times there’s been mention of actresses shamed into losing weight for a role. given your position and your access to down to earth, notable celebs, i think you are in such a great position to bring that out. i’m imagining episodes with june, casey, maybe rosemarry de witt, and others about the real struggle of feeling forced to look a certain way and the toll it takes on their lives. i’m imagining episodes with nutritionists and psychologists about how we’ve evolved as women in this never ending culture of “thinner (stronger, fitter) is better.” i’m imagining episodes with your pilates instructor, fashion designers, tv and movie costumers on what they think looks good and what’s sustainable. i’m imagining a focus on post baby struggles with body image an sex. the list goes on….

In general i think there’s very little out there that takes a real yet light hearted approach to women of different ages, races, ethnicities and what it means to look good, feel good and be confident.

you love oprah and one of the most uniting factors of oprah’s celebrity has been her openess about her struggles with weight. you’ve got so much to say on this subject, i’d be so thrilled to tune in and get your take.

AJT says:

OK so the main thought I have is NEVER STOP PODCASTING!!!

But other than that I do have a few thoughts:

– I feel like just banter and chatting about things is where you guys really excel above other podcasts. When I listen to other podcasts the chitchat before whatever segment they do it usually the worst part, but for you it is the best part. So I would love to never lose that- the free form “whats up with Elizabeth and Andy” or whatever subject you have in mind to talk about.

– I definitely like the idea of having guests, but since that is a big undertaking (and because of the above^^) I think it would be totally cool if like TBASH sometimes there is a guest, sometimes not!

– I feel like for the purpose of having some direction for each podcast it would be great if like “My Fave Murder” one person would be in charge of coming to the table with either a story, subject matter or big question to discuss with you guys and the sometimes guest. So there is some specific path, but it can totally wander, so AGAIN like TBASH come for the Soda review…stay for the witty banter. And like on Anna Faris she has segments sometimes like “How would you proceed” that get convo going on a topic.

– Maybe drop the Married and just be called “Totally” so then if you have a story about a ghost you want to chat about on the show it ends up in the description being “Totally: Hauntings” or whatever, so then the title fits with any subject matter that you end up covering. (Totally: Embarrassed, Totally: Feminist, Totally: Irrational Fears, Totally: Maron πŸ˜‰ )

– Daily seems like way too much, 2 times a week would be amazing.

I think thats all I got. LOVE YOU GUYS, thank you for all you do for our ear holes.

Rachel says:

Have you considered doing a spiritual/personal development type of podcast, Elizabeth? You seem really on that wavelength since having kids (I get it – so am I!!), and I’d love a weekly podcast where you discuss that kind of stuff. KIND OF LIKE OPRAH SOUL SESSIONS MAYBE? I MEAN…………..!!! You could definitely bring guests on, but have less meandering discussions and more pointed, specific talks about life/spirituality/motherhood/authenticity/identity/etc.

Katie says:

Oh I would completely be on board for this. I have yet to find a podcast that I am in love with the person hosting it and getting the spiritual aspect also.

Rawr says:

So I don’t know if this is feasible because I’ve only seen a few episodes of Oprah, but it would be fun if you went wayyyy back and used a topic from each episode of Oprah as a jumping off point for discussion with a guest (or maybe sometimes just you and Andy).

Also, I echo others who said they miss TBASH. It was wonderful. Come back.

Stephanie says:

I like the idea of a “daily” (or 3x/week, whatever is feasible) podcast that incorporates a few different ideas! Like:
-you have “minisodes” that answer listener questions, both long form via email and short form Twitter questions.
-stories from other people! You could invite a guest on to share a story, and have “listener stories” special podcasts where you posit a question to the listeners like “tell me a story about the worst wedding you ever went to!” or something.
-the usual catch up/discussion you and Andy have – I love those!

I think there’s nothing wrong with “experimenting” a bit with different formats.

Rawr says:

Oh I really like the idea of episodes where you just tackle one “heavy” advice question! Questions that spark deep discussions about relationships, kids, friendship, politics, and more. And it could be called Laime Advice like someone mentioned above.

Olivia says:

I prefer the story idea over the news idea! Maybe a show similar to totally laime (with stories as a segment?) but I also like the idea of a women orientated show, maybe a kind of unfiltered raw vibe. My favourite podcasts of yours are the ones with Mary Elizabeth and Artemis (how I found you!) where you’re very open and unfiltered.

Katie says:

I personally will follow you two where ever you end up going in the podcast world. I found you through Totally Married, and even though I don’t have children, Mommy was a great podcast. I know it would be crazy, but I love the idea of 3 days a week or something to that affect with Elizabeth and Andy. The check ins are great and U feel like I am hanging out with friends. Maybe minisodes could be a things just for emails, like another writer suggested
Branching out isnt a bad thing either, but I would be so sad to see the power couple that makes you up just disappear. You are the onky podcast of this sort I listen too. Everything else is My Favorite Murder or This American Life. So you fill my niche. All the best though!

Fosiya says:

TBASH has such untapped potential…the doughboys is a similar concept that is really popular. Totally laime/totally mommy were amazoling. the new types of podcasts now have a hook i.e. the dollap, dumb people town etc. you have a unique voice that needs exposure but increasing exposure means guesting on more and more podcasts. you can capitalize off your friendships and guest on who charted/HDTGM/bitchsesh. you may also look into art19 as a hosting partner since it was started by matt Belknap of never not funny. with some adjustments and a strategic plan (1-3-5 year) you can appropriately monetize your podcast. If you need any help, please contact me — I have a management/strategy background that I’m willing to offer.

Heather says:

Totally love your podcasts! Wanted to give an idea to the writer-inner regarding the tooth brushing battle: try an electric toothbrush! (My apologies if someone already suggested this). I have two little ones and for both of them around the same age this became a battle for us too. We made a Target run and let them choose which cheesy, character $5 toothbrush she wanted. I swear it helped and made it so much more painless. Hope this helps!

Jess says:

Yes! Please do a daily podcast! I love the advice/listener question aspect so I’d be sad if you’d guys dropped that completely but other than that I’d pretty much listen to anything you guys enjoy talking about. I have s really long daily commute and it would be so awesome to have more content form you to pass the time!

Lindsey says:

Totally Bush! (Instead of Totally Gash)…. scrap the documentary and use BUSH as a podcast!! it would be a feminist/ women’s podcast. Bring back Vanessa! Less mommy focused and more woman rising focused. It would be a venue for your political voice and you could answer questions but also interview inspiring women!

Love totally married, loved totally mommy… I think there’s a new need for accessible, humorous empowerment…we need your activism more as inspiration! Because of you I started a book club where we are reading “witnessing whiteness” and using each meeting! Love it! (Our next book is “nonviolent communication”, which I think you’d be into!) xoxo

Mary says:

I absolutely love the show and look forward to each episode to get me through my day of work. I heard your idea about making podcasting a bigger part of your life and thought that it might be helpful if you take a look at the Horse Radio Network. Glenn has built an empire with this podcast brand and has a podcast called “Horses in the Morning” which is a daily podcast (Monday-Friday) dealing with topics in the horse world. I know your podcast would be about something totally different, but I bet if you reached out to Glenn he would be happy to explain a little more about what you have to do to have a daily podcast and to help you with some of the more technical questions that you may have. Just a thought I wanted to share with you because I would LOVE to have more episodes every week! Here is a link to his webpage

Lindsay says:

Hey guys,

I’ve never commented/written in, but this is important to me so I wanted to be sure to give my input this time! I’m a long time listener (est. 2012) and I’ve loved and listened to every podcast, including Totally Mommy even though I’m not even close to being a mom.

Anyway, I think a Totally Laim-like reboot is your best bet with growing your fan base. I love just listening to the two of you, but someone unfamiliar might be drawn in my the special guest and stick around. Others have mentioned maybe doing a mix of all of your previous podcasts, and I think that’s a pretty good idea; Maybe you could just do two a week and mix and match depending on availability. I think doing a daily podcast would be really difficult and take a lot of time away from your other creative interests (writing). Maybe I’m incorrect in this, but I always saw the podcast as a way to support yourself while you pursue your writing, which is great; but if the podcast turned into a daily full-time job you may not have time for that.

Love you guys and whatever you decide I’ll still be listening!

Dee says:

So happy for more Totally… anything! On branding I really like the Totally thing- I mean you even still do the ‘Married.. Totally’ bit at the start of Totally Married which is funny! I say embrace it. But a visual rebrand might help- like a new colour scheme, logo etc. As for content I definitely say bring back Totally Laime in some form. It was such a unique thing- the dynamic of you two, the interview led by Elizabeth & super interesting guests was a special & pretty hilarious combination! I can’t think of another podcast like it & the funny dynamic between you two along with the guest was hilarious, often touching & super insightful. Maybe it could now be more serious interviews too and focus on whatever you guys like. You have something special! Excited for what’s to come!

RESastra says:

I think 5 days a week would be too much. At most 2 days a week (quality over quantity). I like the idea of bringing back Totally Laime, or maybe a woman centric podcast.

Jen says:

Totally Married is my favorite podcast exactly as it is, but I am all about adding more podcasts on to it, because I love hanging with the Rosens.
I would love to see you two explore something that is a combination of Totally married, the JV Club, Unqualified, and Totally Laime – interviewing people in comedy specifically about relationships/ their perspectives on different types of relationships – getting stories about relationships in their youth like JV club, and having versions of totally rapid fire where you are asking the same set of questions each time and going from there on the answers that interest you – and either engaging with callers or answering listener emails all together.

Jen says:

Also, Elizabeth – the cutesyness of Totally Married is so totally on brand for you. This is you as a comedian, it is the essence of your charm – you are a raunchy surprise, willing to go almost anywhere, all wrapped up in your sweet midwestern bow exterior. Just like the name/logo of totally married. I don’t think it turns people away at all.

Hannah says:

I really miss Totally Laime (no podcast made me laugh like Totally Laime, it was unique and like someone else said, you and Andy were at your absolute best), and even Totally Mommy back when you had different guests on each week (I think you and Vanessa make great cohosts, but what I really loved about the show at the beginning were all of the different perspectives.)

Julie says:

Chiming in with excitement over possible new and more podcasts! I am clearly in the minority, but I never got into Totally Laime. I listened to the first four, and couldn’t ever make it through a whole one. This is despite loving you guys and listening to Totally Married (although I’m not married) and Totally Mommy (although I don’t have kids). I think you two together is what works – I listen to Dear Sugars and that is my advice show with seeming professionals. I like your “we don’t know what we’re talking about but here’s what we think” approach too.

I would really appreciate another show with more questions – something focused on dating or sexy times or something where you can capitalize on having a male and female perspective. I have listened to comedy podcasts and the story stuff (Moth, Serial, etc.) and think that the strongest thing you guys have it the relationship. Two or three shows where you develop some sort of thing that is expected every time – maybe one show to check in, maybe one show it’s a career thing or movie review or something along the lines of TM “good, bad and funny,” and then the rest of the time answer questions. I agree with the other poster about hearing about a guy’s perspective on body image or some of these dating questions is helpful. You don’t seem to be into sports, and I like the political pocket, but I also think there is plenty of that out there now. I don’t have the answer, but I like that you’re thinking of expanding and if people can make a living at it, I will support you in whatever you do.
p.s. I have a friend whose sister makes a living blogging and her thing is photography and cooking. Is it the blog that is the main driver of income or sponsors? Whatever it is, I’m happy to follow it. I don’t find interview podcasts to be as enjoyable as just relating to you guys.

AMC says:

I don’t have a crazy idea to totally change it up, but if you want to revitalize your current format I second the idea of making it twice weekly. Maybe a “regular” episode and a “mini-sode”, each happening once a week. Lots of podcasts do that!

The mini-episode can be a political pocket or your own personal stories, and then split the actual Q&A into a full episode on its own. That way people who only want one or the other can pick and choose exactly what they want, and people like me who like both get twice the content!

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