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Trying Things!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 313

Elizabeth and Andy make a spur of the moment decision to try instagram-live-ing this episode, so bear with them! They discuss butt itch, body image and new frontiers before giving their unqualified advice to listener questions about how to be a supportive friend during the labor and delivery of your bestie’s first child, whether or not a college degree is necessary to get into a career in writing, and what to do about a special relationship in which you suddenly get ghosted? Enjoy!


Hey! I wanted to chime in on the diet/losing weight mentality you guys talked about towards the end of the ep today.

I would HIGHLY recommend reading the book “Intuitive Eating”- it’s so much of what you guys were talking about. It speaks to breaking out of that diet mentality and mending your relationship with your body and with food.

Eating what you want, re-learning and listening to your internal hunger cues, mindfulness in eating and not restricting- and only exercising in ways that feel good and not as a punishment for your body. The idea is that once you make peace with your body, re-learn how to eat “normally” without all the baggage most of us have- your body weight will usually level off. For some it’s higher than your “dream weight” you have in your mind, for some you end up losing weight. As a feminist who strongly believes in body positivity theoretically but also a performer whose body is an objective thing that’s talked about and scrutinized and never feels “good enough”- this book and philosophy has been a game changer. Because fuck conforming to unrealistic beauty standards and torturing ourselves mentally and physically while the world burns around us.

Especially for people who have spent a lot of time dieting and dealt with disordered eating/body image/restriction and binging from a young age- it’s a huge deal to break out of these subconscious patterns around food and eating. There are also nutritionists and therapists who are trained in Intuitive Eating that you can go to for support.

Also- feel free to hit me up on instagram with dairy alternative questions- as a former dairy lover turned reluctant vegan I have so many tips and replacement products I now love. Great episode, can’t wait to watch the show and Laime Podcast empire continue to evolve. xoxo

AMC says:

In terms of dieting – I’ve basically taken this mindset: If more than half (literally 51% or more) of what I eat is “good” and nurishing – whole foods (esp. raw veggies), above quality, locally sourced meat, good protein and fats, etc, then that’s the golden standard. I will literally never be able to cut out all the “bad” stuff. I’ll always have a sweet tooth. I’ll always want cheese. But if I eat three awesome whole meals a day that are nutritious, the one smaller treat a day seems completely reasonable. I have no idea if the science backs any of that up, but it definitely makes me feel WAY less guilt. And I generally feel healthier! And enjoy everything I eat. It’s the culture of constantly abstaining and torturing ourselves (which can include crazy binging on the other end of the spectrum) that gets us into trouble.

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