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Fake It Til Ya Keep On Having To Fake It!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 316

Elizabeth and Andy discuss the merits/pitfalls of the concept of faking it til you make it, as well as share stories of their attempts at it! After a (hopefully) positive political pocket, they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about what to do to help an alcoholic mother and also protect yourself, and how to navigate anti depressants while trying to conceive, through pregnancy and beyond? Enjoy!


Jane says:

As always – love the show! Really excited about the live every night experiment coming up soon. Anyway, I wanted to share some information on SS our eyes. I have anxiety and some other health issues and when I was trying to figure out what was wrong with me I was put on an antidepressant. And it was awful. It’s not that using medication to get better from depression and anxiety is wrong – it’s that there has never been a study proving that it is a chemical imbalance of serotonin that closet. There are more serotonin receptors in your stomach/got than the brain. I had no dog in this fight before I was prescribed these medications. Well, I then did a deep dive into them and was absolutely blown away. The majority of depression and anxiety cases are physiological. Whether it’s a result of a bad thyroid, low stomach acid etc. things like that. Instead of
finding the root causes doctors just hand out pills. The woman who invented Prozac – regretted what she did and tried to get it off the market. The number one thing I did to treat my anxiety was addressing the stomach acid issue. I knew noth about any of this stuff until about two years ago when I was prescribed medication. I was only on it for four months and it was awful getting off of. I had no idea that there is no proof the drugs do what the Pharma company say they do. Most doctors are unaware, they are also unaware of how difficult they are to get off of. If people discontinue these medications suddenly they can have suicide idealation I think this angle is important to bring up – because in no way are SSRI’s safe.

I just wanted to share because it didn’t seem like this Info was readily
available to me. I’m not at all saying people shouldn’t seek treatment – if it’s something you are dealing with a functional medicine doctor looks at the root cause of issues

Masha says:

In response to your recent request for stories of people taking bold steps –

tldr: I left a PhD program with a master’s and am so much more happy now working in education 9-to-5 and building a confidence-coaching side business in my free time!

I was in a PhD program studying genetics up until 2016. I thought I had to stick with it because that’s just part of the academic culture. Even though I didn’t enjoy what I was doing (mostly experiments, which is SO repetitive and boring to me), I was way more passionate about what I was doing in my free time, and grad school caused me a lot of depression and anxiety.

Luckily my thesis adviser (boss) helped me see that there was another way. She said “if what you do in your nights and weekends is so rejuvenating, let’s find a way to have you doing that for your work as soon as possible.” She’s an exceptional boss.

It was a rough time after I decided to leave my PhD program with a master’s, as I was unemployed for 6 months and had so much anxiety about my future.

Now, I work as a secretary to the Dean of an amazing free adult education community college in San Diego and love it! And I have my nights and weekends for the side business I’m building where I help people with confidence and life skills.

I am so happy I took the scary jump of leaving grad school and also grateful that I had community support to help make the whole thing less risky and lonely.

To both of you and all of your listeners – I hope you keep following your big dream goals, even when they scare you.

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