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Spooky Memories and Creepy People!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 317

TRIGGER WARNING!! Elizabeth and Andy discuss their memorable experiences from Halloween to Ghosts, as well as a big, intense discussion about sexual assault and misogyny in Hollywood and beyond. Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about whether or not it was childish to bounce from someone for forgetting a birthday, and if it’s morally okay to move in with someone when finances play a role in the choice? Enjoy!


Karen says:

To the writer-inner about the birthday, so glad you bounced. I think its really important to be with someone who is considerate about things that are important to you.

Eddie says:

Why are so many women coming out now about their harassment rather than a year ago? Had they come out a year ago we might not have Trump. Gloria Allied has 22 lawsuits going against Trump. What’s the difference now with Weinstein?

Eddie says:

The pointy thing is a pointer.

Realize I answered my own question regarding harassment. The women did come forward. The people in charge abandon him as a candidate.

Becca says:

This is so unrelated to the episode, but I just wanted to share because I thought Elizabeth and fellow listeners would love this idea. The Women’s League of Voters is hosting a Gerrymander 5k race being held along the paths of a gerrymandered district in North Carolina – such a great way to feel and experience the complete absurdity of the way district lines are drawn for purely political reasons!

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