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Spooky Spootakular!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 319

Happy Halloween Laimewads!! We start the episode with some excited news about future podcast plans! Then we discuss some spooky Hallow’s eve stuff – pumpkins, mummies, ghosts, oh my!! We end with our answers to listener questions about dealing with ghosts, and how to deal with the horror of being a true blue democrat in a very red town – now that’s terrifying! Enjoy!


Jacquie F. says:

Excited for the return of Totally Laime. Hope you can have some of your friends like Janet Varney, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Artemis and Kulap on again.

Eddie says:

You’re back baby, YOU’RE BACK! Great decision. Now being back TBASH and all will be right worth my podcasting world.

I use Sharpies, they wipe right off?!

Lori F. says:

So excited for the Laime news! I would listen to you guys read the paper and it would be entertaining.

One thing I could suggest for getting your physicial fitness on is a streak! I’m doing a running streak from now until the new year. The only rule is having to run or walk at least 1 mile every day. I plan to announce it and track it in my bujo of course 😉 to keep me motivated. I’ve also roped my husband in to doing it with me so we can stroller run or walk the dog together. Also planning some 5K’s for Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day (Cupid 5K). Good Luck and keep it moving!

Chuck says:

As I’ve aged and started paying more attention to problems of people that are not just me. I’ve noticed how red my home town and state are. I have friends who share the same liberal ideas that I have, but then the rest of the state and majority feel the exact opposite.

It’s been extremely frustrating to learn how many people are Pro Trump in this area and how incredibly conservative this entire area is. I want to raise my family here because my family is around. But at the same time I hate that this is the culture of this area. People don’t encourage healthy debate or discussions for the concept of learning and growing. People just act “midwest nice” in this area and are just waiting for you to stop talking so they can just spew their ignorant agenda to you.

INCREDIBLY frustrating.

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