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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 323

Andy and Elizabeth discuss gratitude and some special “Dad” sightings this holiday season. Then they give their (still!) unqualified advice to listener questions about how to approach a major breach of trust in a relationship because of a seemingly very dumb lie, and where to get informed and trusted political guidance in order to ace those political debates and text your representatives. Enjoy!


Eddie says:

Really think it’s bad form for Elizabeth to stop Andy from talking about ham when it was part of the meal you all enjoyed. So stifling when my wife cuts off my opinions that are not marital deal breakers. You have no problem reminiscing about the great times you have had with drugs you no longer endorse.

Amanda says:

That Christmas picture is so cute!

Oh my gosh the dad at the park, what a character. The only thing I can think of is maybe people ask him his kid’s age a lot because he’s tall? My daughter is two too (ha!) and we get asked ALL the time, “Are you sure she’s just two?” Because she looks like she’s five. So maybe he was saying before getting asked as a defense mechanism? But the interaction with the 9 year old…I’m stumped lol.

V says:

Big fan of the people in the park stories!

I wish “wife-beater” could stopped being used. We have the perfectly good Tank-Top as a replacement name and that is just eluding to old timey swim costumes and not domestic violence.

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