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Hypothetical Ethical Quandry!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 325

Andy stumps Elizabeth with a hypothetical ethical question before a healthy political pocket and their unqualified answer to a listener question about whether or not it’s okay to fantasize about an ex in order to keep the steam alive in your marriage? Enjoy!


Lizzie says:

I don’t get it. Isn’t your objectifying of male firefighters kind of hypocritical when you’re so opposed (rightfully) to the objectification of women? If Andy lumped all female librarians or teachers or flight attendants together like that and commented on their sexy bodies the way you just did with firemen, wouldn’t you be upset? Longtime listener scratching my head here…..

Elizabeth says:

I get it, but unlike women, men aren’t taught/told/indoctrinated to believe their worth lies in their attractiveness so it’s a double standard I feel fine making jokes about.

Lizzie says:

I hear ya. Women have a history of oppression that I suppose entitles us to some jokes like that.

Just seems like if we actually are interested in equality at some point, we should treat men with the same respect we want for ourselves. In the interest of actual equality rather than retaliation for years of oppression, if that makes sense.

Becca says:

just a quick note on the woman using the family restroom – i hear you, completely. and i agree that if a kid is in line behind that person, they should let them go first. that said, there are a lot of populations that prefer family restrooms because we don’t do a good job of making inclusive single stall restrooms. Trans and gender-nonconforming folks may prefer to use a family restroom than pick a gendered restroom. People with medical issues such as colostomy bags, or who need to give themselves injections (diabetics) often prefer family restrooms. Anyway, I would not be surprised if this woman was simply a grade A trash bag, but I thought i’d just toss this in for future reference.

Gretchen says:

I was going to say the same about people with medical issues. I have ulcerative colitis and seek out private bathrooms whenever possible when I’m having issues. That being said, if Andy and the kids were in line behind me and I couldn’t wait I would say something so I didn’t look like a trash bag!!!

Ano Nymous says:

For the women thinking about her ex – I get ya! And don’t worry about it. The post partum stage is long. A shift will happen and you won’t think about it any more. Not sure what good could come of telling your husband. Good luck!

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