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Ringing In 2018!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 328

Happy New Year!! Elizabeth and Andy discuss their 2018 resolutions, plus a big thank you and shout out to their awesome listeners. Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about healing after a friend and coworker secretly packed heat on a business trip and how to repair the ambition/positivity divide in a marriage? Enjoy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


emily says:

Hi Elizabeth, quick thing to think about as long as we’re talking about resolutions and becoming better people. You often use the word ‘girl’ when referring to young women (in this episode it was about the 22-year old instagrammer).

There are lots of issues with calling women, ‘girls’, here a few links that discuss it well ( and

It is a habit it many of us have, but it is infantilizing, patronizing and sexist. Fixing little things like this are just one of the ways we can make the world a better, more just place for everyone! (especially grown ass women like ourselves and the next generation of kick-ass women!)

Elizabeth says:

You should check out the book Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, he talks about 6 things we should be doing every morning to increase our productivity and develop ourselves. It starts by waking up an hour early every day so Elizabeth you are already on the right path!!

J says:

Is the name of the show you are writing on “I’m sorry” (it sounds familiar butwasnt sure if I was remembering correctly) if so, we just binged the first season and couldn’t stop laughing! Can’t wait for more.

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