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Send Your Sibling Some Love!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 329

Elizabeth and Andy discuss, in no particular order: her streak of sowing oats in ’04 including the infamous marine one night stand and another less notable, VAPING, and how their NY resolutions are going. Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about how to protect your kids from a grumpy and sexist old grandfather, how to navigate a limited wedding guest list with the  mother of the bride, and how to strengthen your connection with your long-distance siblings? Enjoy!


Rawr says:

Just wanted to clarify the weed legality situation for you guys. Marijuana was and still remains illegal under federal law. However, the DOJ under Obama released guidance saying that federal prosecutors should de-prioritize prosecutions for marijuana in most circumstances in states that legalized it. The DOJ now under Jeff Sessions rescinded that guidance, so prosecutors can bring whatever cases they want. So basically, you are at the mercy of your federal prosecutors’ priorities in your jurisdiction.

chris says:

random q: I still use my totally laime amazon link for all my amazon shopping needs, but i haven’t heard yall mention it on the pod lately(i think). Are yall still receiving any kickbacks from old Jeff Bezos?

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