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Faking It All!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 332

Andy shares a story of a guy who faked it all the way to the top before he and Elizabeth give their unqualified advice to listener questions about how to avoid chit chat with a coworker when you need to focus, to what degree and how to stay in a baby brother’s life when his mom is estranged from you, how to deal with tension between in laws now that there’s been a weird feeling regarding broken boundaries, and how to deal with sexualized clothing (or not sexualized) for our kids that makes you uncomfortable? Enjoy!


Jen says:

I was literally yelling in my car at you for your comments about girls dress. If you police your daughter’s outfits in any way, you are contributing to the problem. (Not counting dressing appropriately for the occasion). It is not her responsibility to cover herself for others. It is not her responsibility to make others comfortable. This is difficult because we are a product of our culture but we need to help change the culture FOR our daughters. And that means teaching them that they can wear whatever they want and whatever makes them feel good.

Eddie says:

Thanks for responding to my letter on such dicey subject. sorry if the wording was a little frank. I disagree with the responder above. I view my job as a parent to teach values not to be a rubber stamp. I am not OK with my child following the herd or becoming a slave to fashion. If the last year has taught us anything it’s that American culture has a long way to go before it learns how to treat women. Girls and boys have to be taught about boundaries and mutual respect and adults are not teaching or modeling that behavior.

RESastra says:

The step-grandfather is a weirdo. He should have shut that “game” down in a heartbeat. Also, I don’t see why wearing a bikini at the beach is such a hot topic. The beach is literally one of the few places they are acceptable to wear. We really need to focus on teaching men that beaches are not petting zoos. No leering or touching.

Hope says:

Can’t it be as simple as saying, “These are your private parts (butt cheeks included) and we keep them covered in public” ?? I mean, that’s what I tell my 6 & 4 year old daughters and what I’ll tell my son. When they try to moon me in front of company, I say, “That’s not appropriate.” And when they get old enough to understand sexuality you can expand that by saying, “Someday you’ll want to expose those parts of yourself to your sexual partner, but for now they’re private. While I’m buying the clothes and paying the mortgage (or whatever), they’re private.” I’d say the same thing to my son if he wanted to wear a thong to the beach. I guess I’m really not sure this is the right approach, but this is my reaction at this point, curious what anyone else thinks.

Eddie says:

I agree. The point was trying make by being so graphic in my question.

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