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#MeToo – Peter Rofe Is Finally Outted!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 334

Elizabeth and Andy discuss their big podcast news! (Check out their patreon for more! Then Elizabeth is FINALLY able to speak freely about the voiceover coach who assaulted her and at least 30 other women – Peter Rofe – now that he’s been outted! Hooray!


Alexa says:

Patreon is a great idea! I was always more of a Totally Married listener than a Totally Laime listener for whatever reason, and honestly $4/month for four episodes on top of all the free podcast content I get anyway seems completely reasonable. I’ll be signing up asap! Congrats on all the new exciting stuff!

Melissa says:

I’ll miss totally married but I’m super excited for your new endeavors! Also, I use to swim with Michael Phelps and Allison Schmidt and they are two of the nicest, most normal individuals. Swimming as much as we did was crazy, I wasn’t even at their level but the friendships I made through swimming I still have. Also, if your kids decide to be swimmers they won’t smell like sweat after workouts! 😉

Rachel says:

I’m game for paying the $4 per month but have a question. Can we listen to Totally Laime and follow it up with the paid content continuously? I ask because I listen on my (long) commute and like to set it up to play straight through before I start driving. Thanks!

Whitney says:

Yay! As soon as I saw on your Instagram that you guys had Patreon, I decided to sign up, as I already donate through there to a bunch of other people/artists I like. That was before I even knew there would be extra episodes – now I’m even more excited!

I was always more into Totally Married and Mommy than Totally Laime…but I think this time around that might be different, as it sounds like you guys are incorporating some of Totally Married into the Laime show. I’m interested to see what the new show will bring!

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