The Totally Story

What started out as a way to combine Elizabeth's access to funny people and Andy's access to recording equipment has snowballed into Totally Laime, Totally Married, and the new Totally Mommy.

With over 4 MM downloads and accolades from places like E! Online, USA Today, and Los Angeles Magazine, the Totally's have taken on a life of their own to which we say...Totally!

Totally honest. Totally fun. Totally real. That's what we're about. Listen in!

Elizabeth Laime

Writes, Laughs, Learns

Elizabeth Laime is a giggler, podcaster, comedy writer, lover of animals, and lover of slippers fashioned to look like animals. (Just google schnauzer slippers. You're welcome)

You may have seen her onstage at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York and LA in her one woman show, "Dear Diary," which was a Time Out New York's critics' pick. Her short story of a failed athletic endeavor, "Swim Team 1996" was published in the book "Rejected," but her most impressive accomplishment to date was narrating the 1998 VHS unauthorized documentary of Leonardo DiCaprio, "Hangin' With Leo." She hates to brag about it, but it happened.

She's Ruby's favorite.

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Makes Music, Is Psychic

Andy Rosen is a true quadruple threat: podcaster, husband, record producer and master of dog agility. (We might not know what "quadruple threat" means).

As his music producer moniker, Doctor Rosen Rosen, he has gone from remixing the likes of MIA, Lily Allen, Drake, La Roux, and Britney to producing and co-writing original pieces for up-and-coming artists like Meg Myers and Wanderhouse.

He is Ruby's favorite.



  • Introducing Otis Bunker Rosen! Seen here with his incredible mom who gave birth to him in the…

Runs, Jumps, Licks

Ruby is a true renaissance bitch. Cuddler, agility star, eater of donuts her parents left on the coffee table, this beauty’s interests and enthusiasm have no boundaries.

As Totally Laime’s mascot, she enjoys the flavor of guests legs and loves it when her favorite topic, dog rescue, comes up! She loves all people but extra loves the humans who adopt her furry friends.

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