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Foster Needed!

Guys, this is Ulysses~ A sweet 7 year old Jindo mix who was pulled from a high kill shelter within hours of being killed. He’s a virgo sun, cancer rising; he loves a good pinot and a night of jazz. (music, not so much on the dancing..) No but really. This guy is awesome. He was a volunteer fave at the shelter which is saying a lot – they see a lot of dogs!

photo 2

Look at that smile – he’s outta there! Now it’s time to find him an awesome crash pad until we find his forever home! Could that be with you?


The truth is that Ulysses is a sweetheart who has had a hard life.  A rescue is working to network him for adoption but in the meantime my heart is breaking at the thought of him going into boarding after having been in the scary over-crowded shelter. He needs to get some meat on his bones and he deserves a home with love and comfort.

He’s quiet and sweet and will stay in his crate with nary a peep. He loves other dogs from what we’ve seen and loves rolling in the grass! He needs someone to help him learn how to walk on a leash properly (he’s getting better every day! He’s clearly never been taken on a walk in all of his 7 years…). He also just needs someone to give him a chance, this guy hasn’t had much of that before.

Even with the hardships it’s amazing how spirited he is – he’s full of tail wags and loves treats – when his playful bouncy side comes out it is incredible! Are you the angel who has space in your home/heart to help Ulysses get on his feet (paws) in the meantime?

photo 5

If you are, please contact Elizabeth at TotallyLaime (at) gmail (dot) com. If you are unable to foster, please share this post or the facebook/instagram/twitter posts far and wide until we get this guy under a roof in a loving home! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and the bottom of Ruby’s butt – where her tail is. Cuz she’s definitely wagging for her new friend 🙂


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Our First Week As Parents!

In case you missed the hullabaloo on instagram and facebook, our new roommate has arrived! Theodora “Teddy” Mae Rosen came into the world as 8 lbs, 8 oz of pure awesome. We finally understand what all the fuss is about, we are beyond in love with this little one!

So, for the first week update… Even though I’m having a hard time physically with the sloooow healing and yes we are sleep deprived, honestly it’s been the best week of our lives. We’ve just cozied up with this little love nugget and are alternating staring at her and cuddling her and feeding her and changing her. Andy has been  incredible about taking care of all the house stuff/cooking/Ruby out so I can focus on feeding this creature and healing my bod. We’ve got a good thing going, this little family of ours…  it helps that she is spectacular!

This week has felt like an eternity and also it went by in a flash. We’re already sad about the inevitable passage of time and the fact that we can’t just freeze her as she is a huge bummer, but we’re also dying to see what comes next from Teddy. Facial expressions? A thesis on global energy? The sky’s the limit. She’s already sweet, adorable, hilarious, inquisitive and gorgeous. BTW, Did you see her cheeks? AHHHH!!

We’ll be giving the full scoop on Monday’s Totally Married – the labor, the delivery, the feelings, how Ruby and Ramona are taking things, all of it. Can’t wait to share with you all, thank you SO much for all the love you’ve sent our way, we have felt it big time!


Elizabeth, Andy, TEDDY (!) , Ruby & Ramona


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In our childbirth class this weekend, our fantastic teacher, Kathy Killebrew, posed the question: what does postpartum mean to you? Of course all of us were thinking of the big D word: Depression. Because I’ve struggled on and off with the ole’ regular kind of depression for 15 years, I am a little scared that I might be dealing with the mommy version within the next few months. The flip side is that I also feel like because I’m very aware of this possibility I am more prepared take steps to treat it head on.

But I was surprised when our teacher said, “I know everyone here is thinking of depression, because that’s what our culture says postpartum is.” She went on to explain that while it’s important to be aware of depression symptoms , what postpartum actually is, is just a period of time – 6 weeks – after your baby is born. This is meant to be a time of hunkering down and feeding and bonding with your wee one. In other cultures, women look forward to postpartum for most of their lives because it is a time when they are waited on hand and foot while they have the space to connect and love on their lil nugget. Sounds good to moi!

I love this new take on postpartum. While  it’s super important to have an open dialogue about potential depression and the challenges that come with a new baby – lack of sleep, feeling overwhelmed, hormones going cray cray – I have found that I’ve been inundated with these warnings, sometimes even bordering on threats it seems, while I have yet to hear anyone give me a truly clear understanding of what this time really like – and I’d like to know all of it! The good, the bad, and the funny!
Then, last week I received an email from my friend – actress and improvisor Katie Schorr, who just had an adorable lil guy named Sly:


She wrote this email from the front lines of postpartum when he was just 3 1/2 weeks old. I think this sums up all of the aspects of new motherhood so beautifully and makes me feel like I really have a sense of what’s coming. Even though… yes, I know, I know, I won’t REALLY know until I’m in it… This is the closest I’ve gotten and I wanted to share it with y’all:

We are three weeks + a few days in and I feel exhausted, in love, confounded, calm, terrified, and generally hazy. There aren’t any patterns, is what I’m finding with Sly, and looking for them only makes me crazy. He’s totally internal right now, absorbing stuff but mostly dealing with being a tiny human, and I’m realizing I can’t expect anything civilized from him. That said, he is fairly civilized, just gets inconsolable unless I feed him nonstop. The hardest part so far for me has been accepting how tethered to him I am. Breastfeeding came fairly easily to me, but it is really tiring and you do need to eat and drink a ton to keep your energy up while doing it. Eating for two is for real!! Also, he is starting to cluster feed and it feels like, how will I ever do anything ever, all I am is a leaky faucet of breast milk?! He just fed from 5pm – 7:40pm and only stopped because I had to take a breather. I’m not saying this is the universal experience – I have several friends whose kids just didn’t like to feed that much and it was totally normal and they were scared by it, but now, their kids are hearty and healthy. But if your baby is hungry like the wolf, please know that I had/might still be having that experience. 

I feel like the Day 3 baby blues everyone talked about actually hit me in Week 3, which has just ended. It was abated by taking nice hot showers and eating a lot and drinking a lot and getting helpers to come over and relieve me so I could do those things or nap. Nap! 30 minute naps have been saving my life! I wake up feeling lighter, truly. I also feel like it is a delicate balance between having people come to help you and relieve you and also having time as a family of three, which is sacred because it is so cool and freaky and lovely. We overbooked in the beginning and are now pulling back a bit. As I write this, I could say a thousand things and I have only been a parent for the length of a single session of summer camp. 

The Happiest Baby on the Block stuff has so far worked really well, except when it doesn’t (at 4 am).

The physical recovery after labor was really hard the first two weeks for me. Bleeding and soreness and feeling injured made me want to cry once a day. But now, I am feeling SO MUCH better. I felt really hopeless about my ability to recover at the beginning of last week and like I would never be able to have sex again and like I would never stop bleeding. And then, a couple days ago, I just started to feel a whooooooole lot better. Not sure how sex will work, but it doesn’t feel impossible anymore! 

Have I said anything coherent? I have been going out this week with Sly in a woven wrap on me and it is so liberating. I walked a total of 8 blocks and got a pedicure and manicure (one handed nursing is idiotic but I did it and my nails are RED!) and ate French fries at a French cafe. Huge! It makes the nights of little sleep bearable because I am taking some small amount of care of myself and can stare at my nails at 3:30 am.

My last thing – ask for help before you think you need it. People want to help, but most need direct orders. Give them direct orders! Request gelato! Make someone hold the baby and take a hot shower. If someone gives you advice that makes you feel bad, tell them visiting hours are over and you need bonding time with your babe. Easier said than done, but the more direct I am with everyone, including myself, the better my days are. 

New parenthood is a shitstorm of insanity and wonder. I am calm right now and feeling bright and in love with the men in my house. Three hours ago, I went and ate alone in the kitchen and cried while my family was in the other room, watching Sly swing.


Isn’t this awesome? I love it. It doesn’t sugarcoat the huge challenges but after reading it I’m not filled with a sense of dread – if anything I’m even more excited to meet this lil lady and go through this special time with her and Andy, Ruby and Ramona, figuring it out as a family. I think Ruby’s really going to be good at diaper changes…

Thanks for reading – and a huge thank you to Katie for expressing what no one else has been able to. Laimemoms/Laimedads ~ please leave your own thoughts/feelings about new parenthood in the comments!

with love,


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What I Really Get Off On…

Friends. I know I’ve shared more than what’s probably morally or ethically acceptable to discuss regarding my fantasies on the podcasts. (Bela Karolyi, anyone?) But it wouldn’t feel right not sharing this pregnancy/virgo eye candy I’m about to show you.

BEHOLD: My bathroom “junk” drawer.

I mean. Can you even? Isn’t she purty? But like, in a take-charge, competent, and yet calming kind of way? This, my friends, is what gives me little joygasms every time I open her up. I cannot believe I didn’t do this sooner – and it took all of fifteen minutes. The drawer was so small that organizing had previously seemed futile. That was until I discovered a little drawer trick –  I recycled little gift boxes to create compartments… Do you see how there are compartments? My hair bands and nail polish and metal utensils all have their own little homes?! They are so happy there in those cozy homes! They love it!

I couldn’t even bring myself to take a “before” picture but rest assured that for the last FIVE YEARS, it looked something very similar to this:

This drawer transformation was made about a month ago and I vowed to not share my excitement with the world until it had been a month and everything was still in tact, because a temporary organize is not a true organize according to the world’s leading pre-eminent organization expert, moi.

When one organizes it should: 1. Look nice and tidy 2. Be functional and 3. Be efficient. If all those things are in place, it will stay organized!! 4 EVA. Hummina hummina hummina. Can you tell I love this shit?!

This, along with all the churros I can eat (A LOT) has been one of the best parts of growing this baby human – the ability to fly my organizing freak flag all the way, and no one can stop me. In pregnancy it’s called “nesting” and I’ve heard stories of women being in labor and going out to detail their husband’s cars in the midst of contractions. Usually nesting happens closer to the end but I have been playing the pregnancy nesting card from the get go and my home is finally totally. fucking. organized. AHHHH!! It feels so good. The best part is knowing that babies don’t ever mess anything up, right?!

So if you’ve been putting off pulling all the crap out of that one drawer – you know the one – and putting it back together in a way that will make your happy feelings tingle every time you open it, let me urge you to: DO  IT. It will not only bring you joy but it will also make you be a better person in general. Do you think Mother Teresa had “clutter”? I rest my case.

Laimewads – I can’t be stopped, I need to keep going! What little organization tricks do you use in your life/house/soul? Leave in the comments!

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Woohoo! New Totally Merch!

You guys, YOU GUYS! I am SO EXCITED about our new merch! It only took way too long to get these bad boys ready to go… but it was worth the wait (I hope!)

We now have some awesome new TOTALLY MARRIED tees, TOTALLY MOMMY onesies for your Laime-littles and of course, we still have our classic TOTALLY LAIME tees.

Onesies – in black and pink! Eeep!

Or stick to the classics:

We have a limited supply for this first round, so don’t delay – order yours today!