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Michael Goldman [Mickeys Vs Old English Shootout!]

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Totally Beverages Podcast

Episode 2

This week on TBASH – Psychic Andy pours a few with musician / wine steward / “Man With Opinions” – Mike Goldman. Topics include: A girl smoking crack at a wine bar, Kombucha, feeling anxious in hipster coffee joints, Malt Liquor, and much much more. This weeks shootout… Mickeys Vs Old English Shootout!

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Aarti Paarti w/ Aarti Sequeira!

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Totally Mommy Podcast

Episode 39

She’s a TV personality, a chef extraordinaire, mom to a gorgeous 11 month old and a ray of sunshine. Newly published cookbook author, AARTI SEQUEIRA cohosts today and discusses our good/bad/funnies (Baby winks! Apologizing for your baby! Dirty Diapers in Trader Joes Parking Lots!) before diving into listener questions about: at what age do you flip carseats to forward facing (and whether that’s a battle worth fighting), how much socializing a young child needs early on, and lastly a doozy of a question about becoming a surrogate. Enjoy!

** You can buy Aarti’s GORGEOUS new cookbook HERE!

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Laimemoms – You Deserve A Break!


Hi Laimemoms and Dads! We all know that being a parent is wonderful, yeah yeah yeah, but also exhausting — and there’s no such thing as paid vacation! The fine peeps over at WeeSpring wants to make traveling with little ones a little easier, so they’re giving away all the essentials you’ll need to hit the road with your family, plus a gorgeous (and kid-friendly!) vacation home to stay in.  Because you deserve a break! Enter at This is an awesome chance to win a dream family getaway, plus all the travel gear you’ll ever need (worth more than $3,500 in total. (Yowzahs!) Do it!

ALSO, please answer in the comments – where would you want to go with the kiddos if you could go anywhere for free? (this has nothing to do with this amazing giveaway, just curious!)

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Off Our Game!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 169

Elizabeth and Andy fumble through a check in and discussion before doling out some highly unqualified advice to listener questions about man etiquette when cohabitating with a woman, how to handle your spouse needing a job that would require commuting, how to move on past a difficult divorce and find your spark again, whether or not to maintain a relationship with neices and nephews whose mother and father are no longer in your life, and lastly, what to do about a “friendship” that teeters on the edge of being something more? Enjoy!