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Eliza Skinner!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 212

She’s a threepeat offender here on Totally Laime and today she gets profound! Comedian, actress, writer, and podcast host (coming soon: Get Your Cry On) ELIZA SKINNER came by and blew our minds in the best way by discussing Iyanla, validation thru technology, and why it’s better to like people who like you back and make you feel good! (imagine that!) Enjoy!

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What I Really Get Off On…

Friends. I know I’ve shared more than what’s probably morally or ethically acceptable to discuss regarding my fantasies on the podcasts. (Bela Karolyi, anyone?) But it wouldn’t feel right not sharing this pregnancy/virgo eye candy I’m about to show you.

BEHOLD: My bathroom “junk” drawer.

I mean. Can you even? Isn’t she purty? But like, in a take-charge, competent, and yet calming kind of way? This, my friends, is what gives me little joygasms every time I open her up. I cannot believe I didn’t do this sooner – and it took all of fifteen minutes. The drawer was so small that organizing had previously seemed futile. That was until I discovered a little drawer trick –  I recycled little gift boxes to create compartments… Do you see how there are compartments? My hair bands and nail polish and metal utensils all have their own little homes?! They are so happy there in those cozy homes! They love it!

I couldn’t even bring myself to take a “before” picture but rest assured that for the last FIVE YEARS, it looked something very similar to this:

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Moms Don’t Get To Be Sick w/Stephanie Escajeda!

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Totally Mommy Podcast

Episode 7

Fantastic Mommy cohost for today is comedy actress Stephanie Escajeda! She and Elizabeth discuss The Good: (Joining in the parent club, Elizabeth having forgotten how hard it was to get pregnant) The Bad: (Being sick when your kid is sick means you don’t get to be sick!) and The Funny: (Stephanie’s daughter “acting”, Elizabeth’s pregnancy flirting with a motorcycle dude). Then they answer listener questions about placenta encapsulation, how to avoid nosy people when you are struggling with fertility, and whether or not to drink during the two week wait between ovulation and plus sign. Enjoy!

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Keying Cars & Karma!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 137

E and A discuss the recent bad news regarding their car :( as well as their productive day of getting ready for baby – Birth bag! Car seat! Annnnd… Padsickles? Then they answer listener questions about feeling hurt over not being a bridesmaid, navigating a difficult relationship that is heading towards co-dependency, finding new friends/relationships wherein you can discuss your emotions freely, how to convince your husband that couples therapy isn’t only for the end, and lastly, how/when to tell potential partners that you have an STD when you are back in the dating game. Enjoy!

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Woohoo! New Totally Merch!

You guys, YOU GUYS! I am SO EXCITED about our new merch! It only took way too long to get these bad boys ready to go… but it was worth the wait (I hope!)

We now have some awesome new TOTALLY MARRIED tees, TOTALLY MOMMY onesies for your Laime-littles and of course, we still have our classic TOTALLY LAIME tees.

Onesies – in black and pink! Eeep!

Or stick to the classics:

We have a limited supply for this first round, so don’t delay – order yours today!