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My Must-See Documentary List!

As a follow up to our last Totally Married episode where we threw out a few documentary suggestions, I wanted to give a more thorough list of documentaries I’d recommend. Here goes:

1. The Staircase –  True crime, 7 part series. This is probably my favorite documentary – the real life twists and turns that take place in this murder trial could not have been written any better, they are so juicy and shocking. Highly recommended.

2. Catfish – A look at relationships in the digital age. Without giving too much away, this begins with a photographer in New York developing a relationship with a nine year old artist who lives in Michigan. Then, well… things progress. A must see.

3. Dear Zachary – Oh boy, get your kleenex ready. I balled my eyes out for a good few hours after watching this gut wrenching, but important documentary on the lengths one family goes to try to protect their grandson.

4. Capturing The Friedmans – A fascinating look at a broken family. This borders on true crime in that it documents a trial for child molesting in the 1980’s, but it’s really more of a look at the family of the accused. A classic.

5. Life With Murder – Similar to Capturing the Friedmans in that it looks at the family of a man accused of murdering his sister. It’s not the most well done documentary (Andy wasn’t crazy about it) but the subjects are so interesting that I can’t not include it on this list.

6. The Hollywood Complex  – Not gonna lie, I sort of feel responsible for whatever success this documentary has had since I talked about it on every podcast/interview I was a part of after watching it. It’s a fascinating look at child star wannabes and the parents that are looking to exploit them.

7. Paradise Lost – The true crime docu-series on the West Memphis 3. This documents the highly publicized trials for the brutal murders of 3 boys in West Memphis and how it tore apart families and a community.

8. Which Way Home – Very interesting documentary about the children who go to seemingly crazy lengths to sneak into the United States from Mexico for a shot at a new life.

9. Shut Up Little Man – Also a classic. It’s an old one, so it’s not necessarily “slick” but it’s still a really interesting look at a gay couple that have a very tumultuous relationship. It’s also pretty funny, even though you’ll feel like an asshole for laughing.

10. Forks Over Knives – Awesome documentary that addresses how the medical community is so incredibly out of touch when it comes to what we eat and how it affects our bodies. This makes perfect sense of what we all know to be true about food and health.

11. The September Issue – Fantastic bio on Anna Wintour. Normally I don’t care for bio docs but this one is SO well done.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten a bunch of great ones – please share your suggestions in the comments!