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Keying Cars & Karma!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 137

E and A discuss the recent bad news regarding their car :( as well as their productive day of getting ready for baby – Birth bag! Car seat! Annnnd… Padsickles? Then they answer listener questions about feeling hurt over not being a bridesmaid, navigating a difficult relationship that is heading towards co-dependency, finding new friends/relationships wherein you can discuss your emotions freely, how to convince your husband that couples therapy isn’t only for the end, and lastly, how/when to tell potential partners that you have an STD when you are back in the dating game. Enjoy!

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Woohoo! New Totally Merch!

You guys, YOU GUYS! I am SO EXCITED about our new merch! It only took way too long to get these bad boys ready to go… but it was worth the wait (I hope!)

We now have some awesome new TOTALLY MARRIED tees, TOTALLY MOMMY onesies for your Laime-littles and of course, we still have our classic TOTALLY LAIME tees.

Onesies – in black and pink! Eeep!

Or stick to the classics:

We have a limited supply for this first round, so don’t delay – order yours today!



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Matt McConkey!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 211

Happy Valentine’s Day Laimewads! Today’s awesome guest – writer and performer, MATT McCONKEY (twitter: @MattMcConkey) started us off with a bang (aka, he brought muffins) before sharing his fantastic story about tracking down his birth parents, explaining how he feels about the online/app dating game, and what turned him into a Beyonce fan after having held out for many years. Enjoy!

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Pregnancy Product Review: Chocolate


Crying a lot? Needing a hug? Feeling aches and pains that won’t quit? Does watching a Golden Girls marathon sort of help but it still feels like something’s… missing?

Let me recommend this thing I’ve always known about but now have a new relationship with: Chocolate. All. The. Chocolate. I’m going to guide you through the best way to let this magical cure-all help you throughout your pregnancy.

First though, you should know what this product really is. I looked up the history of chocolate and discovered that it’s been around for a long time – like thousands of years so that makes me feel like we’re all pretty safe ingesting as much of this stuff as we can with no ill side effects. It also was involved in some mayan/aztec happenings and from what I can tell it comes from beans which are healthy, so feel free to have at it! I could probably be more thorough but that was as much cocoa-education I could muster because I’m nine months pregnant.

Without further ado, here are my suggestions for proper use of this fine product:
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Define Vulva w/ Amy Biedel!

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Totally Mommy Podcast

Episode 6

Elizabeth’s long time friend and soul sister in sensitivity & dog rescue is our co-host today! Actress, singer and doula AMY BIEDEL came on and discussed the good (getting certified in childbirth education) the bad (her son picking up her less than pride-filled mannerisms, Elizabeth’s swollen undercarriage) and the funny (her three year old being obsessed with anatomy, Elizabeth crying over a touch being the wrong kind). Then they discuss why Amy thinks one of their dog rescue foibles led to her pregnancy before giving their unqualified advice to listener questions about their thoughts on circumcision, how to navigate fertility testing, how to deal with anxiety about pregnancy weight gain, and how to manage a friendship when you are in mommy-ville and she wants you to get drunk at her wedding. Enjoy!