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TBASH 08 – Pete K. [Coke vs Coke vs Coke Shootout!]

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Totally Beverages Podcast

Episode 08

Psychic Andy & Intern Josh (RoRo & JoJo?) get down to business with actor, comedian and businessman Pete! Andy & Pete slurp down Coca-Cola Classic from cans, and bottles both glass and plastic, while Josh reads from Wikipedia in the first-ever TBASH Blind Shootout. The case of Booze v. Anger, Doritos Mountain Dew, Sweet Tea, PLUS, the all-new Totally Beverages And Sometimes Hotline! 909-359-BEVS

See comments section for show notes and shootout details…

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It Feels Like Crickets W/Amy Biedel!

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Totally Mommy Podcast

Episode 45

Doula, actress, fellow animal lover and friend AMY BIEDEL is back to discuss our good/bad/funnies (Loving School! Sneaking hand while nursing! Graphic content! Regressions! It feels like crickets! It’s my first party and I’ll cry if I want to!) before diving into listener questions about VBAC or C-section and anxiety around a second birth, how to cope with morning sickness and how to know if you want kids at all and if so, how do you make the decision of when? Enjoy!

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The Last Laugh!


Hi Lovely Laimewads~

As you probably know, this week marks the beginning of the last ten episodes of Totally Laime (Totally Married, Totally Mommy and TBASH will continue!) I cannot thank you enough for the past five years – this lil podcast that started out as just a fun way to socialize with funny people took on a life of its own and has became a central part of our lives. Your support and love has been life altering. Before I turn into mush, I just wanted to officially announce our LAST LAUGH campaign. It’s the beginning of the bittersweet end.

And the end is going to be fucking spectacular.

Our last ten guests are shaping up to be beyond exciting. They are going to be ten little audio packages of talent and humor and insight and awesome, destined for your beautiful little earholes as a thank you for lighting up our lives.

Come here or go to Facebook and/or Twitter every Thursday to find out what INCREDIBLE guest is coming on that week – This week is starting off with a huge hurrah as we invite Andy’s all time favorite podcast guest ever (who has never been on TLP) into our living room to discuss first kisses and dead bodies. Any guesses as to who it might be?

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Permission To Give Permission!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 175

Elizabeth and Andy discuss being “in the zone” before Andy poses a question about how to put someone in their place in a creative way regarding toilet paper. Then they give their UNQUALIFIED advice to listener questions about how to deal with insomnia, how to increase willpower when it comes to healthy eating, what to do about a husband’s job that takes him out of town indefinitely, how to forge a stronger bond with siblings who are already bonded, and lastly what is the protocol with birth control after babies and who has to step up? Enjoy!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 249

YOU GUYS, he’s here!! The man who puts the T and the B and the D in the BDT. Big Dig Travis is here to discuss what it’s like havin’ the legendary BD, his favorite memory with psychic Andy, how he met his future wifey and what Elizabeth and Andy screamed at each other from across the street one drunken eve in NYC. Enjoy!