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Turning Despair Into Action!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 276

Elizabeth and Andy lick the wounds of the election and try to make heads or tails of this turn. Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about negotiating parenting styles, how to find your sexuality in your twenties, and how to reconcile being a second favorite family to your in-laws? Enjoy!

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We’re With Her!

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Totally Mommy Podcast

Episode 143

Elizabeth and Vanessa profess their love for the one and only Hillary Clinton! Then they discuss consent, misogyny and a whole slew of awesome listener questions such as – how to deflect anti girl baby sentiment, how to sleep train a four month old, how to overcome PTSD from a first labor to have a good experience with the second, how to cope with mom jealousy, how to teach little ones hygiene, how to navigate a terrible maternity leave nightmare where there’s no support, how to encourage  your spouse to address their emotional issues before getting pregnant, how to accept a change in family planning that wasn’t expected, and what to do if you thought you’d be ready to start a family but aren’t sure. Enjoy!